Friday, November 6, 2015

OmStoneCreations On Facebook! Holiday Gift Guide Review! & Coupon Code!

Today I have a few different pieces to review for you from a shop on Etsy by the name of OmStoneCreations
First of all the necklace that they sent me came in this gorgeous box made out of paper. I have never seen anything like this before. It shows that this shop has a lot of creativity.
This is how the box opens, as you can see this is actually pretty cool!
Inside they sent me a gorgeous necklace, on a pretty long chain which I love!
I decided to take a picture close up of what's actually on the necklace, and here it is. As you can see there is quite a lot going on. There is a red bead wrapped in wire, which is probably my favorite thing on this necklace. I just love the pop of color this brings to this piece, the fact that its wrapped makes it look pretty cool as well. On one small chain attached to the wrapped stone, there is beads in the sequence of the rainbow. I am sucker for anything rainbow lol so I really love it. Each bead has its own meaning like health, happiness, wealth, love, ect. On the other side there is a small feather pendent which is the perfect finishing touch to this necklace.
Right now this shop is offering a free gift with any purchase, which is pretty cool. So this is the gift that I got with my necklace. I love this! It gives you a type of surprise :) These earrings are made out of stone and they are gorgeous! They are pretty sturdy and super pretty, they are actually a very light pink color. I really love these and cant wait to wear them :)
In the package that I received they also included paper on each stone, and bead. You can find out the meanings and other cool things about them as well. I love how they included this, just so you can learn something new about your new jewelry :)
These would make great gifts for anyone, just because these pieces of jewelry are so well made!
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Make sure you check them out here:

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