Monday, November 2, 2015

SwankyCrafts On Etsy! Holiday Gift Guide Review!

I received some beautiful cards from a shop on etsy by the name of SwankyCrafts

All the cards that she sent me to review are her Holiday cards which is perfect, especially for this time of the year :) The first one I have to review is this pink one, which I love probably the best just because it's pink lol. Anyways this card had a beautiful light pink background with white snowflakes on it. It's got a center piece that says "It's Christmas". At the bottom of the card she included a small boarder like, with two flowers, and in the center of each flower there is gorgeous rhinestones.
Retails:(5 for $17.44)

She also sent this one again but in a different color, this one is more pinkish, reddish which is gorgeous as well.

Retails:(5 for $17.44)

This next one is very similar to the last 2 two cards. This one has a different background and different quote on the front. Other the that these cards are the exact same. The background on the this one a muted purple color with white snowflakes on it. I actually really like this color, you don't see this color to often but I'm glad she chose this color. The saying on this one is "Ho Ho Ho" super cute! This one also have the gorgeous flowers on the bottom as well! :)

Retails:(5 for $17.44)

This next one is kind of hard to see, now I notice that picking a white table to display these was probably not the best option lol. My apologies, anyways this is a white card with snowflakes, with small accents of rhinestones in the center of each snowflake. This truly is a beautiful card. I love how it is so simple and not to busy. At the bottom of the card it says "Let it snow". Which is probably the perfect quote for this card, it goes so well.

Retails:( 10 for $26.96)

The last one I have to review today for you guys is the same card, but instead this one is in a different color. I like how the accents in the middle of each snowflake really pop on this color. This card is gorgeous, just like the last :)
Retails:( 10 for $26.96)
Each card also comes with it's own matching envelopes. All the cards made on the brown card board colored cards comes with a matching envelope in the same color. I only received one white card, but that one did come with a matching white envelope as well! I love how she includes a matching envelope and not just a random envelope.
I didn't go through and take pictures of all the insides of the cards just because all of these cards insides look pretty much the same, they are blank, and the color is this light brown which is what the cards are made out of. Except for the white card, that one is the same concept but is white instead. I love how they are blank on both sides, it gives you a lot of space to write whatever you choose. I don't know about you, but I have a really hard time picking cards out because I will like the card on the outside and the quote in the inside I wont like at all or vice versa lol. In this case it makes that a lot more easier, which is awesome!

These cards are beautiful, and made wonderfully. Each cards is packaged individually with its own matching envelope. I love these cards, and the shop owner is super friendly as well.

These would great gift for practically anyone, she makes a wide range of cards for all occasions!

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