Thursday, November 12, 2015 Holiday Gift Guide Review!

I got contacted by the company Lovina to review on of their phone cases and I was super honored and excited to do so!

I was super excited that this company contacted me and wanted me to review their phone cases. They let me pick out one free of charge, in exchange for a review on my blog. I had a very hard time picking the case out, there were so many really cute ones that I liked lol. There is a huge variety on their website, and they make these cases for  all kinds of devices. I have a iPhone 6 plus and I went ahead and went with this clear Chevron one.

I am in love with this case. I love the design on this case. I have used this case  few times already and I love how easy it is to put on and off, it really makes it easy for changing out your phone cases if you do that a lot, like myself :)

This specific case that I chose to review I would say is cross between a silicone case and a hard case. It bends just like a silicone case would, and it has a hard material similar to hard case. I like how this case is really slime and sleek. It looks really nice on my iPhone. I cant get over on how many are listed on their website, there is so many to look through. 

Overall I'm  impressed with this phone case, it really is a great quality, and seems like a phone case I will have for quite a while. I love how this is printed on to the phone case, it has a rougher texture to it which makes me feel like this case design isn't going to rub off. I have had bad experiences in the past where the designs have started to rub off or even peel off. This one is so different I know it't not going to do the same thing.

I think these would be great gifts for anyone, you can find the perfect one for anyone you are shopping for sense there is a huge variety :)

Make sure you check the website out here:

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