Thursday, November 12, 2015

KristenMarieFurr On Etsy! Holiday Gift Guide Review!

I received this one of a king cutting board from a shop by the name of  KristenMarieFurr 

She made this custom one of a kind cutting board just for me and I am crazy about it. This is probably one off the most exciting things I have reviewed here on my blog. I think it's beyond perfect and more then I could ever want honestly. This is your basic cutting board but she put her on twist on it and made it beautiful :) She used vinyl decals to decorate this. I told her I like Disney and she came up with this design all by herself, and I'm pretty obsessed with it lol. If you look at it from a distant it really looks like this design is engraved in the glass which is pretty cool how it isn't.


As far as the design goes she placed a Minnie Mouse decal in the right hand corner. I love this and her little bow is adorable. We discussed what color we should do and she suggested red, and I think that was the perfect choice. I know on camera this looks pink, but it really is red. It adds a really nice pop of color to this cutting board sense all of the other decals are black.

In the center of the cutting board there is a massive decal that represents Cinderella's castle. I am in love! This is such a great decal and I love how she placed in the center, it's really the perfect size for this cutting board.

In the right hand corner she placed a basic Mickey Mouse decal. I love how she placed the Mickey and Minnie decal at an angle.

As you can tell from the picture this cutting board is not just a flat glass surface. It has some texture to it, which makes this a really great cutting board, it wont leave scratches on the glass surface and it will also cut meat really nice as well, which is really nice as well.

The corners have these slip resent feet on them, so it wont slide off your counter top. It has really good grip to them, which is what I was worried about, but not anymore :)

The size of this cutting board is 12 inches by 15 inches, so this is a pretty large cutting board.

Overall I'd say I'm highly impressed with this product, not only is this a great quality cutting board, its customized and just for me! it's perfect. I can't believe she sells these for only $20 such a steal, and you really can't find prices like this is any store, let alone something that is customized.

This shop owner is truly a delight! She is super friendly and really creative. She can do pretty much anything and will work with you to make you happy!

These would make a great gift for someone who loves to cook, or someone who just moved into a new place. The possibilities are endless with these and you can get them customized for any kitchen!

I highly recommend checking out this shop you will not be disappointed and I truly mean it!
Make sure you check out her shop here:

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