Friday, November 13, 2015

Kierrabelle On Etsy! Holiday Gift Guide Review!

I received a piece of art to review from a shop on Etsy by the name of Kierrabelle

She custom made this piece of art just for me which is pretty awesome. We chatted about what she could make for me, so I told her about my love for Disney, so she decided to take on the challenge for herself. She usually doesn't do things like this, she usually does more realistic things, so I was honored that she wanted to do something a little different then she usually does. She totally nailed it! I am in absolute love with this piece of art she did such an amazing job.

She chose to turn me into a Disney character! I love all the details she included in this, she really put a whole lot of time into this. I love how she drew me it's too cute. All the details she included are incredible. She put me in one my outfits that I always wear to Disney lol, the shirt and the princess Minnie Mouse ears. She even included my Monroe piercing, which is awesome!
In the top left hand corner she drew a picture of the Cinderella castle at Walt Disney World. She did an amazing job with this! This looks pretty identical in my opinion.  I love the colors she chose with this, the blue is pretty spot on to the real thing. She even included all the yellow flags on top of each high peak in the castle which is amazing. The way she shaded the walls of the castle makes it look like stone, which is a really awesome detail.
I love how she made sure she signed this piece of art, and even dated it as well :)
Not only did she just include the actual piece of art, she also included a rough draft version of the art. I love how she included this, you can see all the ideas that were brainstorming in her head before actually starting. It's crazy to see such a simple sketch turn into something so amazing!

This was also one of her rough draft versions. This one she colored, which is pretty cool. I love this piece of art so much, and I actually plan on making this my icon, or logo for my blog sense it's so perfect.

I love her style of drawing. It's more like sketches and that's like my favorite type of art, something that isn't perfect. She drew this piece in colored pencils and colored it in with them as well.
Overall I'm impressed this is amazing, she can do pretty much anything, she is extremely talented and I highly recommend checking this shop out for yourself.
These pieces of art would be such a great gift for anyone, you really can't go wrong with art, sense the possibilities are truly endless.
Make sure you check her shop out here:

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