Friday, November 13, 2015

KateLaurenDesign On Etsy! Holiday Gift Guide Reveiw!

I received some planner stickers from a shop on Etsy by the name of KateLaurenDesign

The first sheet that she included is this set called "Hump Day" These are stickers that are little camels and on their back is written "Hump Day" these stickers are more for decoration ad to add a little pizazz to your planner which is such a cute idea. I think this will be perfect for that. On this sheet of stickers there are 24 stickers, which is a lot! So this page will last you a very long time.


Next up we have these hydrate stickers. The cool thing about these is that one sticker is good for the whole week. These are probably the coolest stickers I have seen and these are pretty helpful as well. These are used to track how much water you consume through the day, you simply check off one when you finish a water bottle. These will be so useful for me sense I am always slacking in that department lol.

Next we have the "Payday set" This set of stickers actually come with 3 different sticker designs which is pretty cool. The first set is little credit card stickers, these will be useful to place down when you have a credit card bill due, which is what I am always forgetting lol, there are 10 of these one. Next we have a sticker of a stack of cash, there are 12 of these ones. Then there are a set of piggy banks and there are 9 of these ones. Both of these can have a lot of use, you could use these to mark when you are getting paid, when a bill is due, or to remind you of when to go to the bank. I think these will be a great deal of help in my planner and I can't wait to use them.

The last little set she included I had no idea she would put these in, I would like to call these the little bonus item :) The first 4 stickers are a little label, these would be used for a lot of things, these aren't really specific for anything, but I'm sure you could find the perfect thing to use these for. Next there are 6 little envelopes, these will be perfect because I plan on using these once I open my P.O box at the beginning of the year, and this will be my little reminder on when I should be going to check my mail box. The last set is a set of 6, and these are adorable they are little washing machines, these will be perfect for slackers like me lol. I'm always slacking with my laundry and this is a good reminder that I should be doing it instead of procrastinating lol.

Overall I'm highly impressed with these stickers, these stickers are printed on paper so if needed you can write on them with ease and not worry about them rubbing off. I am beyond excited to use these and can't wait to use these in my next week spread :)

I highly recommend checking this shop out she offers a huge variety of stickers, ones that will be perfect for anyone really, her prices are so low as well! You really cant find anything with this quality with such a cheap price.

These would be great gifts for anyone who has a planner!

Check out her shop here:

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