Thursday, November 5, 2015

CraftABooo On Etsy! Holiday Gift Guide Review!

Today I have a beanie to review for all of you from a shop on Etsy by the name of CraftABooo
She made me a custom a beanie, and of course I had to make it Disney! This is inspired by Mike Wazowski from Monster's Inc. He is probably one of my all time favorite characters and I loved how she was able to create this awesome hat. I gave her an idea on what I wanted and she succeeded! She wanted to make something new and that wasn't listed in her shop, so she let me think of something which is pretty cool. I gave her this idea one evening, and by the time I woke up she sent me a picture of the created beanie! I was amazed by how fast she was able to make this.
The front of the hat is just one big eye ball, which I think is beyond perfect. She even included his while little horns on top of his head which I found adorable as well. This is a pretty simple beanie but it is beyond perfect!

Her stitching technique is beyond perfect! Ever stitch she made on this hat is perfect, in the right spot, and lines up perfectly. There are absolutely no errors in this beanie at all. In fact this hat is so perfect it really does look like something you would purchase in the store.
The back of the hat is just plain green and you can also see the horns from the back as well. I love how the back is plain, it makes this beanie more on the plain side.
I am so amazed by the quality of this hat. I have reviewed a few beanies on my hat, but never one quite like this. I love the feel of this one. All the yarn she used to create this is extremely soft and warm. A lot of my other ones aren't as soft and are a bit itchy, but this one is perfect.
On each side of the hat she created these long braids that are blue and green. I love the contrast of these two colors together. I love how she added that to that, it really makes this hat a lot more on the fun side!
Ever sense I received this my boyfriend and I have been fighting over it lol. This is a really versatile hat and could be worn by either genders, which is really awesome and why this would make a great gift!
I highly recommend checking this shop out for yourself :)

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