Thursday, October 22, 2015

Shadows13Bows On StoreNvy! Holiday Gift Guide Review!

I received some adorable bows from a shop on Storenvy by the name of Shadows13Bows

Of course knowing me I bet you guessed that these bows would be Disney of course, lol I think that is just a given lol. Anyways this first bow that I got from this shop is based on those tiny adorable Disney stuffed animals called Tsum Tsum's. I am absolutely obsessed with this bow. I love the fabric with these adorable little guys all over it. It has  a lot of my favorite characters which is pretty cool :) and in the center of this bow she included a bottle cap type charm. Inside the bottle cap there are more Tsum Tsum's! How adorable, you can't have enough of these lol. I love this bow because it has a lot of colors in it which means this would go with a lot of different outfits which is really great. I am super excited to wear this one.

Next up we have a Lilo and Stitch bow. It's actually pretty hard to find Lilo and Stitch items and I can't figure out why. Lilo and Stitch is one of my all time favorite movies and I was super excited to see this one. This fabric has small images of Lilo and Stitch on them along with Angel ( the character that looks like stitch but is pink :) I love how she is included on this bow it's super cute!

The last bow I have to share with all of you guys today is this Nightmare Before Christmas Bow. To be completely honest I am not really a fan of this movie, but after seeing this bow how could I not love this bow. I love how this more like a Holiday Bow, I probably wont get the chance to wear this one as many times but that is okay :) I will definitely be wearing this on Halloween when I plan on visiting the magic kingdom! The fabric on this bow is purple, and has little moons and bats all over it. In the center, this one has a bottle cap as well. Inside this bottle cap is picture of Jack Skellington that says "Happy Halloween". This is absolutely perfect!

The back of these bows are all the same. They are all attached to just a normal hair clip. These are super easy to put in and out of your hair. I love how these are put together. She did an amazing job at creating these. They are not messy what so ever. She took her time putting these together and you can tell that she did.

These would be the perfect gift for anyone who loves bow, or even any Disney Lover :)

Make sure you check this shop out here:

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