Thursday, October 22, 2015

BenderBoutique On Etsy! Holiday Gift Guide Review!

I received a pretty cool item from a shop on Etsy by the name of BenderBoutique

She sent me the ultimate Christmas present for anyone who likes to bake! As you can tell from this picture this basket is packed with all kinds of different items!

She included 2 bags of chocolate chips. One is just your normal milk chocolate chips and the other one is Ghiradelli white chocolate chips! These are my favorite and my mouth started drooling when I seen these were inside the basket lol I was almost tempted to open these lol.....almost! But I didn't (I'm so proud) lol.

Next she included some festive cookie cutters. These are your basic cutter if you ask me! She included every important shape. When I think about Christmas cookies these are the images that come in my head, a gingerbread man, teddy bear, snow man, stocking and Christmas tree. The gingerbread man is a little bit bigger then the others but that is perfect because this way it gives you more room to decorate this one.

Next up we have some pecans. Personally I'm not a fan of these, but I know a lot of popular holiday recipes call for these. I also know that a lot of people really like pecans as well so it is really nice how these are included.

Next is some sparkle gel! I have actually never seen this stuff before, so I am super excited to see what these are like when I use them. It looks super sparkley in the package, so I'm sure these will be gorgeous when you use them. I think the blue one is going to be perfect for making snowflake shapes cookies.

Vanilla extract is super important in baking, it adds so much flavor to cookies and I love using it, so it cool this is included as well! 4 tubes of food coloring is also included. The colors for these are blue, red, yellow, and green. Your basic colors which is nice because you can mix these together, to make other colors as well.

Measuring cups! How perfect are these! There is 4 with this set 1 cup, 1/2 cup, 1/3 cup, and 1/4 cup. These are the perfect measuring cups because as you can see they are on a little plastic ring to keep them together. You can't loose these! I always do an amazing job as loosing these but not anymore!

Next she included some piping tips used for frosting. I have never got the chance to experiment with these. In this pack there 4 different styles. The possibilities are endless in what you can really do with these.I am super excited to give these a try :)

Sprinkles!!!! My favorite part on any cookies lol. This is just your basic rainbow sprinkles!

This pack of sprinkles is probably on of the coolest ones I have seen yet. It has so many different types inside of this one container.

As you can tell from this picture this container has 6 different kinds. They vary in shapes and colors. I'm sure I will put these to good use lol.

Next we have some green cherries and pineapples! These are perfect to bake with as well. I have never used green cherries but I am excited to see what I can make with these!

Just when your done with all this baking you will be doing with this basket you will be able to use these plastic bags and gift tags with them as well. This was the perfect part to include in the basket in my opinion.

Now these next two items are pretty cool as well and I wasn't expecting to see these in the basket. These alone would make great gift as well.

These are ready to bake recipes that you simply follow the directions and bake them as stated on the card attached to the jars. This first jar is called Sand Art Brownies, these sound amazing!!!

I forgot to add that these jars are beautifully decorated as well which is a huge plus!

Inside this one is a cookie mix! How perfect is that!!!

When  you are done baking with all your ingredients, you are still left with this beautiful basket, which is fabulous! You can use this for very many things.

Overall I'm beyond impressed with this basket! I am amazed by how many different products she was able to fit inside this basket. All of the products that are in this basket are pretty high quality as well, they aren't off brands which is the best part. I can't get over the price of this basket it is only $30! I am blown away and for sure will be buying a few of these. These are the perfect gift for anyone. These are perfect even if you plan on getting one for yourself if you plan on baking this holiday season. You would spend wayyyy more on all of these products at any grocery store, and if you are like me and hate grocery shopping these are perfect lol. You don't have to worry about forgetting anything. This is just a one time purchase and boom you got everything you need :)

I highly recommend checking out this shop for yourself :) She makes a ton of different themed gift baskets, I suggest going to take a look!

This specific basket isn't listed in her etsy shop but can be found on her Facebook page here:

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