Friday, October 23, 2015

LiLcraftsNthings On Etsy! Holiday Gift Guide Review!

I recieved a very unique item to review for a shop by the name of  LiLcraftsNthings  on etsy
She sent me this adorable bow holder! I am absoutley in love with this piece. She made this with some adorable Cinderella fabric which I really love. The fabric has small images of Cinderella herself and her fairy god mother. As you can tell she made this in the shape of a dress which is beyond adorable. I have yet to see anything quite like this before and I love how much room there is for bows on this.

As you can see the bottom part of this bow holder she attached pieces of fabric, this is where you would put all the bows on display.

At the end of each piece of pink ribbon she made these adorable flowers out of the Cinderella fabric. In the center of each one if a flower gem. I love how she included this at the ends of ribbon, it really makes for one of the perfect finishing touches.

When you run out of room with the ribbons you can actually use the toole as well. I place a few of my bows on there and they held on pretty good as well. It's going to be quite hard to fill up this entire dress sense there is so much room on this.

She included a lot of very cute small details through out the entire piece. She included this gorgeous purple flower in the center towards the bottom of the dress which really adds the perfect pop of color to this. She even place small rhinestones as well throughout this. These rhinestones, add the perfect amount of bling to the dress :)

Now this is probably one of my favorite parts about this entire piece. The bows on the very top of the dress infact are actual hair bows! It took me a while to actually figure that out to be honest lol. When I did I was blown away, that is such a cute and creative touch to this one of a kind piece.

Towards the top there is a ribbon, this is where you will hang the dress up. I like how this is a ribbon and there isn't some ugly hardware sticking out from the back. This ribbon really goes with the color scheme of the entire dress and really matches well.
Overall I am blown away by the quality of this bow holder. This really looks like something you would purchase from the store. Everything about this is pretty perfect. There a re no flaws anywhere, no rips or messed up stitches, nothing! It's all perfect. I love this so much and cant wait to fill this up with all my Disney bows as well.
This would be a great gift for anyone who has an insane amount of bows, this is the perfect storage idea and makes a great wall décor piece as well :)
Make sure you check this shop out!
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