Thursday, October 22, 2015

DoodleSnaps717 On Etsy! Holiday Gift Guide Review!

I received probably one of the coolest jewelry items I have ever seen to review from a shop on Etsy called DoodleSnaps717

Here's the concept of this bracelet basically its a blank canvas, that has a place for you to personalize it to your own. It is a bracelet where you snap in little images. I love the idea behind this. The bracelet that she sent me to review is the pink leather one that has a place for 3 different pictures. She has a ton of different bracelets on her shop that would be great for literally anyone. She even has kid sizes as well.


As far as the "buttons" go, she let me pick out three different ones to snap into my bracelet. Of course I picked some Disney ones, and let me just tell you it was hard to pick only three. She has sooo many to choose from. I picked three of my all time Disney favorites. Squirt from Finding Nemo, The little mermaid, and the Lion King

All of these buttons retail for $3.00

This is the back of what the buttons look like

This is a close up of what the hole looks like, where you snap the button into place. At first I was thinking that these would be hard to get in and out, but actually they are very easy to remove and put into place. I think really anyone would have no trouble doing this. I think kids would even be able to do so.

I am super obsessed with my bracelet and the concept behind these. I love how you can customize this to your own liking. I can see this to become very addicting lol. Her prices are amazing as well. So having a huge collection of different buttons wouldn't break your wallet, which is nice.

I am also impressed with the quality of these, these are one of those items that you would need to get a good feel for before purchasing because I could easily see how these could go wrong before seeing what these are really like in person. I can tell you from my experience that these are super nice quality. They don't feel cheap at all. The bracelet alone is a really nice piece of jewelry. I know I am going to get a lot of use out of this I think this will be a apart of my everyday jewelry :)

These would be amazing gifts for anyone! You can really customize this to anyone's liking. I really could see this being a huge hit with little kids. I know for a fact that they would have fun swapping there buttons in and out for different ones.

Make sure you check this shop out!!!

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