Tuesday, October 27, 2015

PekiDesigns On Etsy! Holiday Gift Guide Review!

Today I have some gorgeous earrings to review for all of you today from a shop by the name of PekiDesigns on Etsy!

They sent this gorgeous pair of rose gold earrings. These are actually a pair of their birthstone earrings. You are able to pick which color stone you would like and then you can pick the type of metal you would like as well. My birth stone is not this one, however I love pink so I chose this stone. My favorite metal is rose gold as well so I picked that. These are beyond perfect. I love the size of the stone of these. It's not too big and not to small, these fit my ears perfectly.

This stone that I chose is the pink one and the way it shines in the light is just gorgeous. I have gotten several complements while wearings these already

Most of the earrings you buy online come with those cheap plastic back that I absolutely hate! So I was super excited to see that these actually came with real earring backs!  The earring backs are really easy to use as well, they are not too tight and not too loose. I have acrylic  nails, and was able to take these in and out pretty easily. These earrings are actually really comfortable as well, they didn't irritate my ears or cause me any discomfort. I actually fell asleep with these in my ears, which I never do, and the earrings were fine and so were my ears lol.

These are packaged really nicely as well. Each pair of earrings is sent in an adorable box just like this one and its so cute! This little step really goes a long way for me. I love when jewelry stores send their products in small boxes, rather then just throwing them in a plastic bag :)

I am super impressed with the quality of these earrings. This a piece of jewelry that I will have for a very long time :)

These would make the perfect gift for pretty much any female. It's a nice piece of jewelry and you can also customize them for pretty much anyone :)

Make sure you check this shop out here:

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