Friday, October 16, 2015

NspiredMpressions On Etsy! Holiday Gift Guide Review!

I received a few paper items from a shop on etsy by the name of  NspiredMpressions

The first thing that she sent me are truly beautiful pieces of art work.  These are super unique and wonderful. These actually have texture  to them which is pretty cool.  The first one is a black piece, which a heart in the middle. I think out of these two, this one is my favorite. The second one she  made is one with an adorable blue rocking horse on it. I really do like this one as well, this would be great decor. I can picture both of them framed and then hung on the hall. The rocking horse on would be the perfect decor for a baby nursery.

The next set of item that she sent over is some gorgeous greeting cards. The first one that she sent over is one for welcoming a baby. These are both embossed. The welcome baby one, is this gorgeous pink salmon color, which is the perfect color for a baby card. I think anyone would really be impressed with receiving this cards, sense it is so one of a kind :)

The next one she sent over is a Merry Christmas card. I now realize from this picture that you cant really tell what this one looks like and that is totally my fault. I will tell you that this card is gorgeous, this one is made just like the first one mentioned. I really cant wait to use both of these cards soon. I make a big deal out of picking out cards for someone because they are just so personal. You can go to just any store in pick one out, but it just doesn't have the same meaning. Giving a unique card like one of these really does show you care :)

These bookmarks she sent are gorgeous. She has a wide selection of these in her shop. I love these are probably my favorite one. These are made on a glossy type paper so there is no need to worry about these getting ruined. She  did a beautiful job making these. I love the tassle she used for these. It really adds the perfect finished touch. These letters are actually engraved into the paper which is really cool. I really love the texture of these. At first glance these look like they are simply just printed on the paper, but you are wrong! They are actually engraved into it, which makes these super unique and one of a kind.

These next set of bookmarks that she sent are more on the basic side of things. These are different sports teams. These are actually just printed onto the paper. She did a really good job at matching the color scheme with the actual sports teams. As you can tell from this picture, each of these are really unique. They all are different sizes and layouts. Even the tassel on these are all different. I really like how each one is so different from each other. I think my favorite one of these that she sent is the Tampa Bay Rays one. I like this one for a few different reasons. One of the reasons being that the this is my favorite sports team. I'm not a huge sports person, but I do love me some Tampa Bay Rays lol. I do really love the color scheme for this one as well. It also has a real abstract look to it which I really like as well.

These next set of bookmarks I categorized together simply because they both say "Love". These don't necessarily go together, but I figured that they were pretty close :)  These are both actually embossed as well. They have a thicker paper as well. I really love how sturdy and durable these ones feel.

I didn't include links in this blog post to these items simply because these exact ones that she sent are not listed in her shop. She makes everything one a kind, so I'm sure its hard to recreate these. This shop owner is super talented and creative. All of the pieces that she sent me are gorgeous. I really suggest checking this shop out for yourself. You will not be disappointed with quality of these items and I can guarantee that for a fact.

Any of these would be the perfect gift for about anyone. The bookmarks would make great gifts for any book lover, the cards would be perfect for any occasion, and pieces of art would be great for anyone as well, once framed these would be gorgeous pieces of art work!

Check the shop out here:

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