Friday, October 2, 2015

MissyJaneGraphics On Etsy! Holiday Gift Guide Review!

I received an adorable piece hand made just for me from a shop called MissyJaneGraphics On Etsy!

She made me this adorable shadow box that symbolizes me and my blog! I can't get over how cute and adorable this product is. I love how this is customized just for me, she did a great job and thats for sure. In this shop she sells a lot of pre-made shadow boxes that are already made and have a theme which are really neat as well. I think I'm more a fan of the custom ones, because you can literally get anything. She told me she wanted this shadow box to symbolize me and my blog which is such an adorable idea.

As you can see she used a Kelly doll to be used as the figure to represent myself, which is so cute lol. She even went the extra mile and put this doll in Disney Clothes! How cute is that?! I can't get over how amazed I am that she did this! The shirt has a Minnie Mouse print on it. She also asked me if I usually do my blog on a computer or an Ipad, and I told her my ipad most of the time. She made a little desk and put a mini ipad on it!

She again went the extra mile and used my background on my blog for the background in this box. I can't believe how cute this is!

This would be a perfect gift for pretty much anyone, little girls, friends, family, moms, daughters, because their so versatile. I'm almost certain you could find something that anyone would love to recieve as a present. This would be a great and thoughtful gift for anyone!

Make sure you check her shop out here:

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