Wednesday, October 7, 2015

MindysThriftyThrills on Etsy! Holiday Gift Guide Review!

I received a gorgeous and definitely unique piece from a shop by the name of MindysThriftyThrills

She sent me a beautiful bouquet of paper flowers made out of old Disney story books. These are incredible. I have never seen something so delicate and beautiful before. Each flower that she made it full of incredible small details. Every flower has its own special theme she sent me a few different ones that I love. She included a lot of my all time Disney favorites such as The Little Mermaid, Cinderella, Snow White and Beauty and The Beast. She used the main part of the each flower with the old story books, and used different colored paper to bring out the colors in the story books. She did a fantastic job at creating these, and picking which pieces of paper to use with these flowers. I am truly amazed with these.

She even included a matching vase, which is probably my favorite part of this entire package. I was so surprised to see this! It was a bonus. This vase is incredible! It features so many of my favorite characters, I was amazed! She did an incredible job making this. I will defintily be hanging on to this piece for a very long time.

This is a shop owner that truly cares and goes the extra mile to make her customers happy! Everything that she sent me was packaged nicely and not just thrown into a box.

She also included, another bonus in the package! and this time the bonus is for you guys, my readers! She made this gorgeous bouquet for one of you lucky guys out their, stay tuned because your chance to win this will be coming up soon :)

Make sure you check this shop out on Etsy! She has incredible pieces that she has made in the past, I really think this girl could make anything that you are looking for.

These would be he perfect gifts for pretty much anyone you could think of there so custom you could make them for anyone you are shopping for, I'm sure anyone would be happy to receive  bouquet of these flowers that will truly last a lifetime instead of just a few days :)

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