Wednesday, October 7, 2015 Holiday Gift Guide Review!

I received probably one of the coolest bracelets I have ever seen in my life from

By the name I'm sure you have guessed that this bracelet would have some emoji's on it, and ding ding ding you got it correct. Emoji Girl's website it pretty cool you can pick the emoij's you want and put them on your bracelet. It's pretty customizable for anyone really. You can choose up to three emoji's and you can also pick either silver or gold toned. For my bracelet  I chose silver and picked out my favorite emoji's which was really hard because I love so many of them lol. I had to go with poop emoji for sure just because who literally doesn't like this one lol. Their website is really user friendly as well, it was super easy to pick out which ones I wanted and submit. It also shows you though out the process of picking your charms what your bracelet is going to look out which is pretty cool, and you can see which emoji's look good together, this is probably why it took me so long to pick these out lol.

I forgot to mention the best part these are only $25! which is super reasonable in price!

Each bracelet comes in a really nice box as well with their adorable logo on it.

I stacked these with my everyday bracelets, which are my Alex and Ani's and my Pandora. In my opinion this is the perfect addition to my current jewelry, I love how it looks with the pieces I already have. I'm super surprised of the quality of these, they feel like the same quality of my Alex and Ani which are way more expensive then the emoji bracelets. They are structured the same as well and expand when you pull it open and adjust to your wrist. There are a little bigger then my Alex and Ani's but overall they look pretty similar.

These bracelets would be the perfect gift for any girl. Emoji's are pretty popular right now so these would be the perfect gift.

I highly suggest checking them out :)
You wont be disappointed

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