Thursday, October 8, 2015! Holiday Gift Guide Review!

Bee Inspired Living

I received two different items from a website by the name of you can also find this shop on etsy as well under the name "BeeInspiredLiving"

The first product I received is a All Natural Lotion Bar. Pretty much all this is, is a solid lotion. I have heard really good things about these in general but I have never had the chance to try it out yet. I was super excited when I seen this in the package. I opened it and was super surprised with how soft this product felt in my hand. I just used this to moisturize my hands and it did a phenomenal job at that. It went on really well, and sort of melted in my hand. It wasn't messy and it didn't feel greasy either which I thought would happen. This is a really great product.


It came really well packaged. It came in a really cute small metal tin with the BeeInspiredLiving logo on the lid. It looks really professional and sleek. The product was actually wrapped up inside some tissue paper as well, so it wouldn't melt or get damaged during the shipping process. It arrived in amazing condtion, which is really hard to do sense I live in Florida, and 99% of the time products like this seem to get damaged lol. I really love the packaging of this product. It's the perfect size just to throw in your purse, and you don't have to worry about it leaking sense it's not a liquid!

The next item is this all natural lip balm in the scent peppermint. I would consider myself to be the lip balm queen! Lol I have sooo many. This product had some really high expectations to live up too. I was surprised how packed with scent this product is. I smelt the peppermint as soon as I opened up the package. I love the smell of peppermint and kind it super relaxing, so I was really excited to try this. When I was applying it I noticed it went on very smooth. It made my lips really soft as well. I was really surprised, I did really enjoy this product as well. I can picture this being the perfect lip balm in the winter time to heal dry and chapped lips, I'm super excited to use this in the colder months !

Retails:(3 for $7.50)
If you interested in trying both of these products you can also buy these two products together in a bundle to save you some money!

Lotion Bar Combo- Small Hard Lotion with Beeswax & Shea Butter with Lip Balm

Check her website out here:

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