Tuesday, October 27, 2015

MermaidsLove On Etsy! Holiday Gift Guide Review!

I received two different types of items to review from a shop on etsy by the name of MermaidsLove
The first set of items she sent me to review for you guys is these two adorable bibs. I love these, they are super well made. The designs she chose to send are gorgeous as well. The first one is a gorgeous plum color that is a chevron print. The next one is grey bib, with white and yellow bunnies. This one is probably my favorite one :) Another great thing about these bibs she sent to me is that they are both gender neutral so you could use them with baby boys and baby girls.
The fabric on these are so soft! The fabric underneath is even softer its more like a fuzzy fabric, which is super comfortable and would be perfect for babies. I know a lot of babies don't like wearing bibs because the fabric is usually kind of scratchy and not very comfortable, but that isn't the case with these.
Stay tuned to the giveaway this will be some of the items you will have the chance at winning :)
The last item I have to review from this shop are these adorable Minnie Ears. As you can probably tell from the picture these are Lion King Ears! I am blown away by these. These are actually the first pair of Lion King ears that I have found to be honest, which is why I was so drawn to these in the first place. Lion King is one of my favorite movies of all time, and these ears are just adorable.
One thing I really like about these ears is that they are not flat. These are the ears that are stuffed, which are my favorite ones to be completely honest. They are super soft as well, and pretty light too I will definitely be wearing these on Saturday when I will be at the Magic Kingdom :)
I love the big red sequin bow that is in the center of these ears. I love how she chose red to be bow color, the red bow is perfect because the fabric on the ears has little pieces of red accents so it really makes the bow stand out more.
This is what the back of the ears look like. You can probably see that these look perfect, and yep you are correct! These were made incredibly and I am amazed by how much of a fantastic job she does with making these. To be completely honest these are the best made ears I have reviewed here on my blog. These are super sturdy and really comfortable as well.
These bibs would be the perfect gift for any expecting mother, or even a mother who has kids already :)
The ears would be perfect for any Disney lover, or for someone who has an upcoming Disney vacation planned!
Check out this shop here:

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