Friday, October 9, 2015

HatHairHaberDashery On Esty! Holiday Gift Guide Review!

 I received this adorable hand made hat from a shop by the name of HatHairHaberDashery

This is a hat inspired by Anna from Frozen. As you can see in this picture it is truly adorable. I gave this to the little girl that I nanny for and I am in love with it, as you can see so is she lol. She lit up when I gave this to her.

She did an amazing job in creating this hat. It looks just like the characters hair and hood she wears in the movie.

I included lots of close up pictures so you can see all the small details that are in this hat. For example in this picture you can see the braid she made on each side of the hat, it really does look just like her hair.

She included this beautiful fabric that is sewn into the top of the hood which gives this the perfect touch.

I'm super impressed with the quality of this hat. This really does look like something you would purchase from a store. I'm so surprised that this in fact is hand made, she did an amazing job in creating this. There are no flaws in this product at all. It's pretty perfect. She made this  hat out of super soft fleece fabric. Halloween is coming up and this would be the perfect alternative to buying your child an Anna wig for Halloween. Wigs are super itchy and chances are your child isn't going to keep it on,  but this is super soft and warm. This can be used long after Halloween as well. This would be the perfect winter hat for your child to keep them nice and warm!

This would be the perfect gift for any little girl. She even makes a variety of these for boys as well. I'm sure any child would light up when opening a gift like this!
I highly suggest checking this shop out here:

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