Wednesday, October 21, 2015

ArtSpiritDesigns On Etsy! Holiday Gift Guide Review!

I received an item from a shop on etsy by the name of ArtSpiritDesigns
She sent me this awesome personalized pendant. Yep! That's right I said personalized! I'm a huge fan of personalized items in general and when I seen this I was amazed! She let me pick an image to have it put into this pendant, so knowing me of course I picked something Disney lol. I chose my favorite scene from my favorite Disney movie. Kiss the girl for the Little Mermaid. I am absolutely in love with this piece. This is super high quality and very durable. I am truly amazed. There are no flaws, scratches or anything. The image came out perfect as well, its not blurry which I was really worried about.

Probably the best part of this entire piece is that you can wear it two ways. She attached a pin part, so you can simply wear this on a shirt, and she also included a small ring, in which you can put a chain through. I have already picked a chain and put it together and it is sooooo cute! I can not wait to wear this I am sooooo excited!
She also packaged this really nicely as well. This came really nicely wrapped in tissue paper, just to make sure it came in perfect condition, which it did, packaging to me always says a lot about a shop. Just by her packaging alone you can tell that she puts a lot of time into each piece she makes. This shop owner is truly talented.
These would be the perfect gift for really anyone! They are so personalized that you could make them perfect for literally anyone!
I highly recommend checking this shop out.
I promise you wont be disappointed!


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