Thursday, September 3, 2015

WoolWooliesShoppe on Etsy!

I received an ornament to review from a shop on Etsy by the name of WoolWooliesShoppe 

She sent me this adorable red apple ornament that has the year  2015 on it.
I really like this ornament, its more like plush ornament and it's really cute. All off my ornaments on my tree are all really different and unique, and I can say for a fact that I don't have anything like this for my tree so it will go nicely!

There is a small bead addeed to the top to add a little pizazz which is really cute as well. This little apple sure has a lot of details in it which I was surprised by. I really like how it has a stem on the actual apple which is pretty cool.

The string she used for this ornament is a burlap, which I enjoy. It goes really well with the red apple and make it really simple.

The back of the apple ornament is really plain and doesn't have anything on it.
Which is good with me :)

Overall, I'd say I really like this ornament. These would  make great presents, because there so inexpensive and you can customize them with the date. These are really good quality!

Check out the shop here: