Wednesday, September 2, 2015

TheVicarian On Etsy!

I received some few jewelry pieces from a shop on etsy by the name of TheVicarian

She sent me 2 different types of products to review.
A few beaded bracelets, and two necklaces.

The first necklace that she sent me is a Hello Kitty one, this one is adorable. I'ts on an 16" chain. I love this piece for several reasons. The first reason is because its silver, that's the only metal I like to wear personally, the second reason is because its really small, this is a simple necklace. The last main reason why I like this is because it doesn't feel cheap, for the price I thought this would be on the cheap side, but I was wrong. I actually really like the chain on this one.
This a super cute piece

The next necklace is a Converse shoe one. This one is pretty much the same necklace as the hello kitty one, same chain that kinda jazz. So lets focus more on the charm on this one. This one is so awesome, I've always been a fan of converse, and this just make me love them even more. This is a cool necklace. I'v gotten a lot of compliments on this necklace so far.

The last type of items I have to review for you guys are these beaded bracelet she makes. I was cursious when I was looking at this in her shop. I'm not a big fan on beaded bracelets in general, they always come off to me as "Tacky", just not really my style, but these really do change my view on them in general. These are perfect for stacking. The one she sent me that are in this picture are just her basic ones where you pick your favorite color. She did a really good job at picking out some great colors :)


This next set is stilll the same basic concept as the last bracelets I showed you, but these are a little different, not by much thought. These ones have two colors, half on one side another on the reverse side. I think I actually like these ones a little more because I love the color combo on these, again she did a fabulous job on picking out the colors for me.

The next item she included is something so beyond amazing. She included some bracelets that special edition. She made these just for me, these are not listed in her shop, but I thought I would show them to you all anyways. These are just at pretty! I feel super blessed that she did this for me!

I'm beyond blown away by this shop, not just because her products are amazing, but also because of the sincerity and kindness this shop owners brings to the shop. I had a wonderful time working with her and I really suggest checking her shop out.

Check out the shop here: