Monday, September 14, 2015

StarliteConfetti on Etsy!

I received a large assortment of different products to review for you all from a shop on Etsy by the name of StarliteConfetti

The first item is a sweater clip, This piece is gorgeous. The pink hearts have glitter inside of them and they are definitely eye catching. The chain has small pearls on them. This would look beautiful on a plain sweater.

The next few items she sent me to review are all earrings, and let me just tell you they are gorgeous Each pair that she sent me is super unique and not like any type of earrings I have seen or worn before!

The first pair are red and an oval shape. These are filled with gold glitter and a few small stars.

The next pair are round blue ones, I am in love with the color of these ones, they are gorgeous.

The next 2 are probably my favorite ones that she sent me. These ones are filled with shells and glitter. These remind me of the beach and are perfect for the summer time! They make me think of mermaid which are my favorite :)

This next pair is just like the last one, th eonly thing that is different is that these are star shaped. This is probably my favorite shape of earrings that she included in this batch for me.

This last pair is a green pair that are shaped like diamonds. These aren't particularly my favorite just because i'm not a huge fan of green but they are still pretty!

Overall i'd so definitely check this shop out. Her pieces she makes are so one of a kind and super edgy and would definitely be the perfect finishing touch to any basic outfit. I'm so thrilled to add these to my jewelry collection. I know these will be perfect for lots of outfits that I already own. The quality of these are super awesome.  The material are great and feel like they would be purchased from a store. I know these products will last me a really long time.

I love the style of these earrings. I know some people would probably turn these away because they are a bit "busy" but that's exactly that I like. I'm so glad I have these! The prices in this shop are really reasonable as well.

I suggest checking this shop out for yourself and find the perfect piece of jewelry for yourself :)

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