Monday, September 21, 2015

I received a big assortment of different items from a shop called SouthernMadeScents

*Please note that I tried each and every item that was sent to me so I could give you all my honest opinion on each one*

The first item is wax tarts in the scent Leather and Lace. I'm a huge fan of wax tarts in general so I was super excited to see that this shop carries these. I'm going to be completely honest when I seen the name of this scent I was instantly not to excited. I usually go for the sweeter scents, but its always good to try out something new! 

These wax tarts are packaged just like any others really. There are separated into cubes and you break them off and place them into a warmer. When I opened this up and got the first whiff I would say that I was pleasantly surprised. This had a scent  that I was totally not expecting at all. 

I tried this out in my Scentsy to see how it would work. I was really surprised by the short amount of time it took for this to melt. The fragrance really did fill up my room and it was wonderful. I find this scent to be really relaxing and comforting. It made my room really cozy :)

The next item is a bar of soap in the scent peppermint lavender. I'm a huge fan of peppermint scents, but not so much lavender. So I do have to admit I was not looking forward to trying this. Surprisingly these two scents go together really well. I smell peppermint mostly, but I do get a hint of lavender which is really nice and relaxing.

As you can see in the first image it was sent in a box which was really nice. It protected the soap nicely and didn't even melt. I get get the chance to try this out and I really did like it. I used this a few times in the bathroom to wash my hands and found it very refreshing. The soap in general is a really nice bar of soap, its really soft to the touch. I feel like this would be the perfect soap to use in the bath tub so I'm really excited to try it out like that sometime soon!

The last item that was sent to me to review was a hand an body lotion. My skin is super sensitive to lotion so I only tried this on my hands. I really did like the scent of this it was very fresh and clean with a hint of sweetness to it as well. This formula is in the middle of thick and runny, it was the perfect texture in my opinion, and didn't leave my skin greasy at all which is really nice, and sorta hard to find in a lotion.

The last item I received to review is a product made just by this shop and its called a hero balm. This has several uses including helping heal wounds faster, for cuts and scrapes, burns, bug bites, rashes, skin irritations, eczema and psoriasis. So it sounds like this little thing is quite the miracle. I have super sensitive skin so I put this to the test! I used this on some really bad razor burn the other day and this was amazing. It went on so nicely and really soothed my skin. I was so shocked, because I have never found anything that helps, and this really does. I cant wait to use this for different uses and see what else works for me!

Overall i'd say i'm really impressed with this shop, everything that was sent to me I will continue to use and enjoy, the quality of these products are really good. I really suggest checking this shop out and trying a few of her products.

Check out the shop here:

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