Tuesday, September 8, 2015

SimplicityByEmma On Etsy!

I recieved a gorgeous pair of Minnie ears to review from a shop on Etsy by the name of SimplicityByEmma 

She sent me a a pair that is inspired by Olaf!
These ears are absolutely adorable.On the top of these ears they have a big black bow which is made really well, the fabric used for this bow is a thicker fabric so it feels really durable.

Then on the side of ear they is small blue bead detailing which adds the perfect amount of bling! I lov how these ears are more on the simple side and not to crazy and obnoxious.

I have to admit when I opened these I was kind of worried about how the beading would actually hold on on the ears, but so far its holding up really well. These ears are really well made which is great because these will get a bunch of use out of them.

I also love how he attached these ears to a normal everyday headband, these are so comfy, not to tight to the head and also doesn't hurt behind my ears either, which a lot of them do!

On the back, there isn't really anything special. It's just basic, she did a really good job at making everything look really clean. I love how the Olaf fabric continues on the back of the ears, some of the ones I have seen are just gorgeous  on the front, but on the back they just leave them "blank" but these are just as pretty on the back.

Overall I'd say that I'm highly impressed with these, she did an incredible job, and these are gorgeous, and for this price you really can't beat it. The ones at Disney are at least $25, and for this price your getting one of a kind unique ears!

I suggest checking this shop out, she makes a ton of other Minnie ears and along with some cute bows as well!

Check her shop out here:

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