Tuesday, September 8, 2015

TheEnchantedLadybug on Etsy!

I received an adorable Disney inspired item to review from a shop by the name of TheEnchantedLadyBug on Etsy!
She sent me an adorable Cinderella Cozy. This is beyond adorable, she did such a great job at making this look exactly like Cinderella. I love this, its going to be perfect for once it starts getting cold outside and I start drinking hot chocolate :)

The details she included in this are super cute. The eyes are actual small little beads, and the bottom part of the cozy actually stick out  little bit to look like her dress, I find that so incredbily cute!

I amazed by the quality of this piece. Its perfect, no flaws whats so ever! This looks like something I just went and purchased at Disney World. I'm super excited to start using this!

She has a huge assortment of these in her shop. These would be the perfect gift, or even the perfect gift for yourself :)

She has some on her shop that would be perfect for certain holidays as well. Check her out! I'm sure you will find something that you love!

Check the shop out here:

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