Friday, September 25, 2015

SempliceCaterina on Aftcra!

I got a few gorgeous jewelry pieces from a shop by the name of SempliceCaterina on Aftcra!

The first item that was sent to me were these gorgeous earrings. These are sterling silver which is really nice sense I have super sensitive ears, and I know these wont irritate me :) The blue that is in these earrings is beautiful.

Now this piece that she sent me to review is probably my favorite out of the three. This is just gorgeous, pictures don't do this one any justice. In real life you can see all the beauty that is in this. It really is super shiny, and the rhinestone beads catch the light so beautifully
This bracelt she sent me is called "Elementary, my dear". This bracelet has two different types of beads. The first bead is almost like a crystal, it's in a gorgeous light blue color that really goes well with the other type of bead. The next bead is a round pearl bead. Like I said previously these two beads go so well together. This is definitely a gorgeous piece. This could easily be dressed up or dressed down, this would also be a great piece for layering or stacking.


I'm blown away by the quality of these jewelry items. Each piece was beautifully made and there each gorgeous. She did an incredible job on each one, and even some other pieces that are in her shop as well. Everything was packaged so nicely, each piece came in its own box which was really nice. I highly recommend checking this shop out for yourself :)

Make sure you check her shop out here:

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