Saturday, September 26, 2015

GumballsAndGlitz on Etsy!

I received two adorable jewelry pieces from a shop on etsy by the name of GumballsAndGlitz

The first item that she sent me is this bracelet. This is sorta on the chunky style. The beads on this bracelet are pretty big. This is definitely a statement piece. I can guarantee you that when you wear this piece everyone is going to notice, which I like! Another thing I really like about this bracelet is how there is a big variety of different beads in just this one! There's a few stripe beads, chevron print beads, polka dot bead, a rhinestone bead, and plain beads too! As you can tell from this picture there is a huge Mickey mouse bead in the middle,which matches perfectly with the rest of beads and color scheme of this piece. You can't tell from this picture, but this is a stretchy bracelet which is awesome because it will fit pretty much anyone :)

The last piece that she sent me are these adorable earrings, that happen to match the bracelet perfectly! I'm definitely going to be wearing these 2 pieces as a set next time I'm at Disney World :) Even though these do match perfectly both would be great by themselves as well. These are dangle earrings which are my favorite. I actually did have the chance to wear these for a few hours and they didn't hurt my ears at all which was pretty great! I really do like these!

Overal I'd give this shop an A+ I'm super impressed with a lot of things from this shop.
1. Everything arrived really quickly, which is great because I'm a very impatient person at times lol.
2. The items were sent really well packaged.
3. The item that were sent to me are super high quality and feel really durable.
4. The prices in this shop are incredible, everyone is super affordable.
5. EVERYTHING and I mean EVERYTHING that is listed in this shop is so adorable!

I highly suggest checking this shop out!

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