Saturday, September 26, 2015

HeavenBoundHca On Zibbet!

I recived a few items from a shop on Zibbet to review by the name of HeavenBoundHca 

I received a set of double knitted wash clothes, each one is a different color but they all go together really nicely.

This first one is a pink one with some white in it.

This second one looks like Neapolitan ice cream lol It has pink brown and white.

The last one is white, with a litle bit of pink and blue. I think I like this one the best.

The pictures of the cloths were actually taken of them folded in half this is actually what they look like when they are unfolded. The size for these are actually 7 in by 7 in. These are great for all kinds of uses. I used these a few times in my kitchen. I cleaned my counters and dining room table off with these and it worked nicely. I can see these being really good for babies, sense they are pretty soft. They are machine washable as well which is pretty nice.

Overall I'd say i'm pretty impressed with these. The quality of these are really good, I feel like these would last a really long time. They are really well made and you can tell that she takes her time with making them as well.

Check out this shop here:

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