Saturday, September 26, 2015

DeliciousDeals on Etsy! and Discount Code!!!

 I recieved a wall decal from a shop on etsy by the name of DeliciousDeals to review!

They sent me this adorable Mickey Mouse wall decal.

I really like this one because it comes in 3 separate pieces, so you can arrange exactly how you want it to be.

I really like these ones because there not like must wall decals that I've used before. These are a lot like vinyl decals that are used on cars. Which is awesome because those stick really well. I've tried wall decals i the past but they never really lasted because they were just like a sticker. There are really heavy duty ones.

These are probably the best quality wall decals I have found yet. These are super durable.

I didn't place these on my walls yet because i'm getting ready to move soon and I didn't want to waste it for nothing, sense I really do like this. As soon as I move I will place this on my walls and I will be sure to update this blog post.

Just because I didn't use it yet doesn't mean I can't review it. I can tell a lot by these just by researching this shop and having these in my hands. They also have a guarantee on  their website that these will last 10 years!

I really recommend checking this shop out for yourself! and Use the discount code!!!!!

Check out their shops here:

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