Saturday, September 26, 2015

MickeyWaffles on Etsy!

I received an adorable bow from a shop on etsy by the name of MickeyWaffles


This bow that I got from this shop is inspired by Cinderella, which is a super cute and spot on in my opinion. The colors used are perfect. There is also a clock in the center that reads its almost midnight which is adorable! I love this bow so much. It is super sparkly, but the true beauty is really hard to capture in a photo. As you can see in the first picture this has pieces of ribbon that really long, this would be the perfect bow on top on a pony tail. I'm so excited to wear this!

The back is your classic clip which is great because these are really easy to use!

 Overall I'd say I'm pretty much in love with this bow lol. It's really pretty and has lot of glitter all over it. The glitter doesn't come off either which is another thing I was worried with this bow. It's really well made and super secured, even the clip that it is attached too is really secure as well.

I recommend checking this shop out:

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