Monday, September 7, 2015

PhoenixFireByAsh On Etsy! :)

PhoenixFireByAsh on etsy sent me an item from her shop to review :)

She actually sent me something that isn't quite posted in her shop yet.
She sent me a keyring wrist-let. I really like this because of the fabric she used for this,
its Disney of course! She used an adorable print with Elsa on it.

To be quite honest there isn't anything "too special" about this. It does seem to look a little homemade, just because the stitching on this isn't quite perfect. It isn't a big deal though, I still really like this. It will definitely come in handy! This is the perfect wristlet, because its not big and bulky like a lot of the other ones I have seen. This is a very basic wristlet

I did happen to check other items out that are in this shop and there a lot of items that look wonderful! I really suggest checking her shop out!

Check her shop out here:

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