Sunday, September 6, 2015

Beemoreartistic On Etsy!

I received a beautiful hand painted post card from a shop on Etsy by the name of Beemoreartistic 

She designed this just for me!
Its a Marilyn Monroe styled little mermaid laying on the beach with a selfie stick.

This piece is gorgeous, she did an incredible job at including lots of details in this piece.

She painted this on the back of a post card which is such a cute idea.
she also covered this in layers of modpodge so it feels super durable,
I was worried that it would tear, but after looking at it, it feels like its going to
last me a while, which is awesome because I have some plans to use this piece
as decor in my house. I want to get this framed and place it in my house on one of my walls,
that's how much I truly like this piece.

All of her work is incredible.

I love how she thought of this idea and just created this piece. This shop owner
is extremely talented

Check her shop out here:

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