Wednesday, September 30, 2015

LovingLoopsAndTies on Etsy!

I received probably one of the coolest beanies ever from a shop on etsy by the name of LovingLoopsAndTies

She sent me this beautiful crochet beanie that she custom made just for me. This crocheted beanie is gorgeous. I can't get over how much I really enjoy this beanie. We both talked about a few ideas and she came up with this. I told her I wanted it to be Disney but I also wanted it to have a crown on it because lets just face it I am a princess lol.

This hat has a small crocheted hat on top on the beanie. It's purple and pretty cute, it kinda even looks like a witch hat to me which is super adorable. On top on the little purple hat she attached a plastic tiara, which is my favorite part of this whole beanie. The one bad thing about this hat is that the tiara is hot glued on top of the hat which makes me nervous because I don't know how well it will stay one. For now it seems really sturdy and it doesn't budge which is good. Even if it were to come off it would be a really easy fix, or I could just take it off because the little hat under the tiara is really cute too.

On each side of the hat there are two long braids. I would consider this hat to be an ear flap style. I like how on each side she braided the yarn, it really gives this beanie a really nice touch. I also really love this color scheme she chose for this hat. These two colors really go nice together, and look really girly which is exactly what I wanted in the first place.

I saved one of my favorite things about this beanie for last to share with you all. On this beanie she also included small rhinestones. These  rhinestones are placed on each pink polka dot, she even placed them on the polka dots on back of the beanie which was really awesome. I love how well these go with the tiara on the top of this beanie.

Overall I'm super impressed with this beanie. I really wasn't expecting this good of a quality of beanie. This really looks like something you would buy at a store, but it's not which really amazes me. This shop owner is super friendly and makes really wonderful products. She did a phenomenal job at creating this beanie. I haven't had the chance to really wear it besides from just trying it on because I live in Florida, where its hot all the time lol, but once it get a little cooler I will for sure be wearing this around town.

Make sure you check out her shop here!

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