Wednesday, September 30, 2015

AshMoonDesigns on Etsy!

I received a really cool piece from AshMoonDesigns on Etsy!

She sent me this really awesome piece, that is melted beads that make up an image or Ariel. I remember I used t do these when I was younger, and it was never anything this incredible before. I can't believe this was made by hand. This is a really cool piece. There are so many beads that make up this image its really incredible.

This is a picture of the back so you can see what the image really looks like. It's pretty amazing isn't it? I love how this Ariel that she made isn't your typical Mermaid, she made it in the image of her in a dress, which is my favorite scene in the whole movie. There really isn't much of anything that I can say that is bad about this product, the only thing that really comes to my mind, is that I wish this was attached to magnet, or a piece of string to hang it. I was looking in her shop that is  an option when you order these so make sure you do that. Anyways it's a really simple fix, and I will be adding a magnet to this so I can place this on my refrigerator.

She makes several different types of these, any character you can think of I'm sure she has listed in her shop. She even makes custom ones which is really awesome. Make sure you check her shop out here:

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