Tuesday, September 29, 2015

NotSoPlainWhiteT's on Etsy!

I received an adorable T-shirt from a shop on Etsy by the name of NotSoPlainWhiteT's

The shirt that this shop sent me is this adorable Disney one. I am in absolute love with this shirt. The design on this shirt is supposed to resemble the Starbucks logo, and it has Belle inside of it. This is pretty perfect if you ask me Starbucks and Disney, two of my favorite things ever. To be honest I have never seen this design ever, and I was really drawn to it as soon as I seen it in this shop.


As you can see in this picture the image was placed perfectly on this shirt. There are no bubbles or anything. I have had a lot of problems in the past with shops who make there on printed t- shirts, with the designs coming off, or just looking on the cheap side. This one beats all the others I have tried in the past. I'm amazed with the quality of this shirt. I did take my time with posting this so I could wear it a few times and wash it to see how it would hold up. It did a really good job, it looks just like how I bought it. This shirt is going to last me a really long time, I can tell by how good it looks now after washing it multiple times.

Another great thing about this shirt is that the actual shirt that this was made on is really good shirt. I plan on wearing this to Disney and I know it will be perfect. This fabric of this shirt is really breathable and super comfortable. 

Overall I'm highly impressed with this shirt and this shop in general, they have such a huge selection to pick from. I can't get over the prices either, they are super cheap! and I'm telling you these shirts are really the best quality, you can't find these just anywhere!

Make sure you check this shop out here:

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