Wednesday, September 9, 2015

KittyKatCraftShop on Etsy!

I received a gorgeous phone case from a shop on etsy by the name of KittyKatCraftShop 

She sent me a gorgeous case made for an Iphone 6!
This case if filled with lots of glits and glam. Its covered in beautiful rhinestones, and flower charms. I am totally in love with this.
I love the color scheme she chose for this case, its all pink and super girly, which is totally my style.

I think my favorite piece on this entire phone case has to be this gorgeous bow in the top corner, it's super cute and pretty and definitely adds a lot to this case. I'ts the first thing that really catches my eye. It really screams Hello Kitty in my opinion.

In the bottom corner she added a small charm that says made with love. This is the perfect finishing touch, and I'm really glad that she added this to the case.

Last but certainly not least, I thought my inner Disney nerd would share with you a hidden Mickey I found on this case....I'm lame I know lol but this made my day when I seen it on the case. Inside the little heart, the way the small rhinestones are aligned looks exactly like a Mickey face, which is super awesome!
Check her shop out here:

Overall I would say I'm beyond super impressed with this case. She did an incredible job on making this case, the entire case is covered and all the peices are really stuck on there. It feels really durable.

I really suggest checking this shop out. Her shop features a few other phone case that are equally as gorgeous! This shop owner is super talented and I am beyond grateful I had the opportunity to work with her!

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