Wednesday, September 2, 2015

KandiMagick On etsy!

I received a couple cool items from a shop on Etsy by the name of KandiMagick

She sent me a few bracelets made out of beads.
This one is cuff style bracelet, and its rainbow.
This one is pretty big and wide, this would be perfect for a rave.
I really like this one because its really unique, I know for a fact that if I 
attempted to make this it wouldn't come out right lol.

I tried to include a few pictures so you could get a better idea on how this really looks in person :)

The new few bracelets she sent me are just the basic ones now.

This one has the word "Rave" on it. It also has a lot of different colors in it which I really like.

This next one is probably my favorite one that she sent all together.

It has a lot of different beads, a few different colored ones, star shaped beads, and 
letter beads that spell out "Magick"

This one is just basic but these beads have a nice finish to them, there really shiny. I do really like the color scheme for this one. The bead colors really compliment each other quite nicely.

This one has a few star shaped beads spaced apart with basic black beads.
Retails:( 6 for $12.00)

Overall, I wouldn't normally buy these because I cant see myself wearing these for everyday, but these are great for a lot of different occasions.

I know that these are a "hot" item right now with all the music festivals going on, and I think these would be perfect for that. You can buy these in bundles as well so you can stack them up and wear them all together. I know for a fact if I went to music festivals, I would be ordering from this shop.
It's so much easier then spending the time to make them. The quality of these are really good, I cant find any  flaws in these, and I think there pretty durable as well.

Check her shop out here: