Monday, September 14, 2015

JuneBugSoapCo On Etsy!

I received a bar of soap to try out from a shop on etsy by the name of JuneBugSoapCo

The scent that I received is goat's milk and coffee. I picked this one because I'm a pretty big fan of a coffee scents in general, and I love how powerful they usually are. Upon receiving this I checked out there shop for a while, and found that they didn't particularly say which type of soap this was supposed to be used as (body soap or hand soap) so I thought I would call is safe by just trying it out as hand soap first.

Looking at it and feeling it in the package, I wasn't able to get any idea on how this product would really be like. I couldn't even smell it either. In my opinion  when I was poking at the side that were exposed, it had the same texture as modeling clay, it was a little sticky, but very firm.

Opening the package I was amazed with how this soap looked. You can see all the coffee beans crushed up inside of this bar of soap which is awesome. It gives it a rough texture as well, which mean this would be a great exfoliater as well. Upon opening this soap I still was unable to smell the coffee scent either.

I decided to try this out with washing my hands and I really liked it. It didn't give off much of a scent which was a little disappointing, but it did suds up really nicely. This made my hands so soft and flelt so clean! This is probably one of the best bars of soaps I have ever used, my hands have never felt so squeaky clean in my life. I've used this quite a few times, and a few people in my family has as well. We are all big fans of this soap for sure! This definitely changed my opinion on soaps. I typically only like soaps that have very strong fragrance scents, and this one does not but I really love this soap!


I really suggest checking this shop out they have tons of different soaps to pick from as well!

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