Thursday, September 10, 2015

DorotkasCreations on Etsy!

I received some adorable crochet pieces from a shop on Etsy by the name of DorotkasCreations
She sent me two adorable, and unique pieces.

The first piece is a Eeyore key chain.
This is so incredibly made. It looks identical to the real character. Everything about this is pretty perfect, she did an excellent job at selecting the perfect colors to make him with. She even included hair on his head! Talk about incredible.

The last item she sent me is this amazing Gus Gus crochet plushie. This is amazing! This is probably one of the best crocheted plushies I have ever seen! I'm amazed by this one for sure. 
On the face of Gus Gus she made him have small like whiskers and she also gave him some hair in front of his hat.Gus Gus is one of my favorite Disney characters of all time, and I love how she made him just for me!

I included a few pictures so you can all see how amazing this truly is!

You can see from this angle that he sit perfectly! She also made sure his outfit was identical to the real thing. She put his hat on him along with his yellow shirt and red shoes! Every detail she included in this looks just like the character.

And the best part of all has go to be that she included a tail! I thought that was probably the cutest part lol. She definitely did an over the top job with this one. I can't emphasis enough how much I truly love this one!

This shop owner has got some serious talent. I am honored that I got to review some of her products with you all, and hope to do so again in the future!

Make sure you check out this amazing shop here:

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