Thursday, September 10, 2015

Wicked Designs on StorEnvy!

I received a really gorgeous necklace from Wicked Designs on StorEnvy!

She sent me this adorable Minnie Necklace.

Inside the necklace there is red sparkly background, with a Minnie head and at the bottom is says Minnie as well. Inside there are small little beads that move around which is really cool. The beads inside look like small crystals, and these in the colors red, black and clear which match really good with this entire necklace. This necklace remind me a lot of the Origami Owl's that are pretty popular right now.

She also even included a few little charms that hang on top on the actual necklace. The first charm is heart charm that says "made with love". The  other charm is little purse that matches the necklace perfectly. She also included a few little bead dangles as well (these are the same beads that are inside the necklace as well)

The chain on this is very nice as well, its rally long and feels extra sturdy which is awesome. While browsing through this shop I found lots of pieces that caught my eyes ans this style of necklace was one of them! When I received this in the mail I was amazed by the size of this, its pretty big and I really wasn't expecting that when I was looking at these.

Inside the package she also included this bookmark which has all of her information on. I thought this was really adorable and really creative, and I wanted to share it with you all :)

Overall I'm amazed by this shop. I have been thinking about getting a origami owl necklace for so long and i'm so glad I didn't. They are super over priced and don't even have any Disney charms which is a real bummer, but I found a much better alternative. These necklaces are so much better, they feel really durable and they are super custom as well.

I highly recommend checking this shop out for yourself!

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