Monday, September 7, 2015

4SeasonCards On Zibbet!

I received a gorgeous card from a shop by the name of 4SeasonCards on Zibbet

This card is beyond gorgeous. When I first seen this in her shop I was amazed because I have never seen a card quite like before. This doesn't even look like a card which is absolutely incredible. I'm a huge fan of cards and giving them as gifts because they are really thoughtful.

This card does a really good job at disguising it as something else, because if I picked this up I wouldn't even know it was a card which is pretty cool because I love unique cards like this.

This card is packed with all kinds of details. You can tell she really puts a lot of time into making these cards which is pretty awesome. The middle of each flower has a small rhinestone placed in the center. The bow that is on th front of the card is actually a real ribbon as well.

The inside of this card is just plain, nothing to exciting which is great because this card has a lot of space to write your message.
Her shop is packed with a lot more cards and other products that are just as beautiful, I suggest checking it out for yourself :)

Check her shop out here:

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