Monday, August 10, 2015

SinCityDisplays on Etsy!

I received a very unique art piece in the mail from shop by the name of SinCityDisplays   on Etsy!
I was browsing their shop and seen that they make Napkin art, which instantly got my attention.
This framed picture is actually a napkin! I received the Ana and Elsa one which is so beautiful. A good piece to add to my insane Disney collection :)
Retails: ($10.99)
You can seen in this picture by the texture that this is a napkin! It totally blew my mind, you cant even tell that this is a napkin unless you are really looking at it! This is definitely one of a kind piece and you cant find these just anywhere and that's for sure. This is a great alternative for art work pieces from your home if your on a budget!
The quality of this picture is great! The framing and matteing was done so nicely and the way it was packaged and sent to me was great as well!
They have a lot of different pieces that are equally as nice. I suggest you check them out!

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