Monday, August 10, 2015

CommieCraftCorp on Etsy!

I received 3 different crochet pieces from a shop on Etsy by the name of CommieCraftCorp    

The first piece I received is a small adorable headband. This piece is just adorable, and so well made. All the small details on this piece are adorable, the ends on the headband are little leafs which are adorable.
Retails: ($12.00)
The next one I received is a little fortune cookie keychain! How cute is that! I've never seen anything like it before which is why I love it! super unique and one of a kind and its pink! lol
Retails: ($5.00)
The final piece and probably my favorite is a small star plush! This is super well made! It is small but its also really nice as well.
Retails: ($6.00)
Her shop features lots of handmade crochet items and there all really super cute and adorable. They are all well made and you can see that amount of time that is put into these pieces. The yarn that is used is super soft.
I recommend checking her shop out!

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