Tuesday, August 11, 2015

RoxiesKawaiiShop on Esty!

 I received a really awesome phone case from a shop called RoxiesKawaiiShop on Esty!
This case is collage sticker case of Lisa Frank! Totally my childhood! As soon as I seen this phone case listed in her shop I knew I had to have it. This case is totally one of a kind and I have never seen anything like it before. It's super colorful and bright which I absolutely adore. The plastic phone case itself is really durable and super easy to get on and off which I am a big fan of. I can't stand having a phone case that I can't get off my phone sense I change them so often. When I seen this posted I was kinda worried how this would hold up because of the stickers on it. She layered a plastic film on top (not exactly sure what it is) but it gives it some extra protection so the stickers don't peel off or start tearing. Overall I'm absolutely in love with this case and I couldn't be anymore excited about it!
Retails: ($7.00)
Her shop is amazing she makes all kinds of really phone case a lot of different sticker collages and decoden phone cases as well which I am a huge fan of. Her phone cases are really beautiful and I suggest you checking them out for yourself.

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