Tuesday, August 11, 2015

CStreetBoutique on Etsy!

 I received some very unique Disney inspired earrings from a shop called CStreetBoutique
The 3 earrings I received are called:
Beauty and the Beast: Belle of the Ball
Little Mermaid: Dinglehoppers
Snow White: Have a Bite
They are all absolutely adorable & perfect for any Disney Freak like myself! lol
The first pair are called " Have a Bite" which are inspired by Snow White. These do a really good job at representing Snow White. The big red beads looks just like apples. The yellow and blue beads do a really good job at bringing out the red beads. These are beautiful and beautifully made.
Retails: ($6.50)
The next pair are called "Belle of the Ball" which are inspired by Beauty and the Beast. These earrings are rose studs with gold beads and little hearts. There so cute! The gold beads remind me of Belle's beautiful dress in the movie. I love how these ones are little studs.
Retails: ($7.00)
I saved the best for the last.... these earrings are called "Dingle Hoppers" which are inspired by the movie The Little Mermaid. Now talk about adorable! These dangle earrings have several blue/green/purple beads which represents the colors that Ariel wears and they are perfect! and they also have little tiny forks! Way too adorable I cant get over it.
Retails: ($7.00)
All of these earrings are beaitufully made and filled with lots of small details. A lot of thought and time are put into these and you can tell that for sure.
Check her shop out!

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