Tuesday, August 11, 2015

NirvanaRoad on Etsy!

 I received a very beautiful make up bag from a shop by the name of NirvanaRoad
The makeup bag I received has a big butterfly on it, which is super pretty. When I first stumbled upon this shop I noticed that they carried a lot of bags with printed images on them and I was curious to how they would look in real life, if the pictures would be blurry or anything. To my surprise they actually look perfect like the image was printed right on to the bag.
These little bags also have an inside pocket which is awesome! I was super excited when I seen that it was like a little bonus because I had no idea. The quality of these bags are "Okay" I wouldn't say there top on the line but I also wouldn't say there dollar store material. The zippers work really well too which is great!
I suggest checking this shop out they have a lot to choose from!

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