Tuesday, August 11, 2015

CustomForLess on Etsy!

I received a Disney inspired mason jar cup from a shop by the name of  CustomForLess on etsy!
They set me an over the top adorable Mason Jar cup! It has a really cute pink bow on the lid which really is perfect and brings out Minnie's bow on the actual glass. This glass also has my name on it which is super cool! The vinyl lettering on this cup is really nice and well done, there are no bubbles and It feels like its really stuck on there which is good so I don't have to worry about. This cup also comes with an adorable little straw that matches the cup. I'm not really a fan of the straw in my opinion it is really cute, but it doesn't really go in the cup that well. I have actually decided that I will be using this as a bank instead of a cup because I am a huge cluts and I don't want to drop it lol. This is the perfect bank though and im excited to use it! its a nice piece of décor!
Retails: ($8.00)
This shop is great!!! Make sure you check out their other pieces of fabulous work!

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