Tuesday, August 11, 2015

LenoreLoves on Etsy

I received a few beautiful sparkly pieces from a shop by the name of LenoreLoves on Etsy
The first piece actually is in a group of 4. These are beautiful little candle holders. I absolutely love them 1. there pink and 2. they are really sparkly! These are really eye catching and will go perfectly in my room. These would also be really nice gifts with a candle inside!
Retails: ($8.00)
 I love how these look once there in the light!
The last item is a black glitter candle holder/ vase. This one is really pretty as well. This one however is a lot bigger in size. This would be great for all types of things.
Retails: ($5.00)
I plan on using this one to store some of my makeup brushes inside of it. I think it will be perfect!
Make sure you check this shop out!

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