Monday, August 10, 2015

CharacterNation on Etsy!

I received 2 different products from a shop by the name of CharacterNation on Etsy!

They sent me 2 key chains/dust plugs and several stickers
I was drawn to there shop right away when I seen one of my childhood favorites! Hamtaro!
I absolutely love this! I put it on my phone right away after receiving it lol

The next keychain/ dust plug I received is an adorable Mario one!
I love this one as well I'm a huge Mario fan
*Not listed on Etsy at this time*
There really isn't much to these key chains/ dust plugs there super simple but there adorable as well! I love these just for the simple fact that you can use them either as a dust plug or as a keychain which is really cool
Then I received some stickers! most of them are Pokémon! Its really hard to find Pokémon stickers now a days these stickers are an okay quality there just paper so you need to be careful when using them so they don't rip. My favorite Pokémon of all time is Squirtle and was I super excited that I got it as a sticker!
Retails: ($1.00)

Make sure you check this shop out

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